5 Benefits of an EPDM Flat Roof

An EPDM flat roof, commonly known as a rubber roof, is a single-ply roofing system made of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is incredibly durable, holds up against tears and leaks and requires minimal maintenance. Commercial buildings often have this kind of roof.

Easy Professional Installation

The installation of this type of roofing system is straightforward and does not require special equipment. Sheets of EPDM can be cut easily and shaped to fit any flat roof design.

In this system, the rubber membrane’s seaming is simple and effective, reducing installation times and expenses. A roofer can also purchase EPDM with tape pre-applied to the edges.

Individuals can purchase EPDM at department stores, but DIY installation is not advisable. When installed incorrectly, an EPDM flat roof will fail. For a roof that will last, always have it professionally installed.

EPDM FleeceBack

The rubber roofing membrane has advanced significantly over the years. EPDM FleeceBack has a polyester fleece backing laminated onto the rubber sheets with patented hot melt technology. This process eliminates shrinkage but retains the flexibility needed to withstand changes in temperature.

Wind and Weather

The fleece backing and adhesive range provide superior wind resistance and bond strength. It also creates a thicker sheet, improving the roof’s resistance to puncture holes and tears.

Energy Savings

EPDM is a good option for both hot and cold regions. In cold areas, black EPDM can absorb heat and help warm the inside of your building. In warmer locations, white EPDM roofing reflects the sun’s heat and helps reduce utility bills.

Cost Savings

EPDM rolls are wide and long, with fewer seems compared to other systems. This benefit creates less need for repairs and, therefore, less expense as well.

EPDM has one of the most extended lifespans compared with other commercial roofing systems. A correctly constructed EPDM flat roof can last fifty years or more if properly installed by a professional contractor.