4 Facts You Should Know About the EPDM Roofing System

There are handling instructions and specifications attached to all roofing materials to validate the warranty and protect the structure of the project supplies. That is especially true for the EPDM roofing system and its 50-year warranty. Here are four facts about how the materials are best handled before installation, during the process, and after completion.

1. Product Delivery

All materials must arrive in their unopened, original containers. Every bundle should display the manufacturer’s name, have an identification number and be marked with product information. Contractors must also check that each item has a manufacture date or code stamped on it.

2. Material Protection

Sometimes goods can become damaged during shipment, transfer, or delivery to the job site, so items should be checked for signs of damage before being stored. The materials should arrive on a pallet and stay on the protective platform until used. Keeping the items off the ground will ensure no moisture gets under the protective wrappings. To validate the EPDM roofing warranty, contractors must not use damaged items.

3. Item Storage

Once delivered, the roofing materials must be stored in a clean, dry area that is free from moisture and harsh winds. The project manager should also store the caulking and adhesive items for the roofing system in an area with a constant temperature of between 60F and 80F degrees. Cold temperatures affect the performance and workability of the products and can invalidate the EPDM warranty. Keeping roofing materials at room temperature is an important consideration.

4. Job Conditions

Although it may sound redundant, maintaining some other specified job conditions is essential for keeping the components under warranty. The architect should make sure the structural load requirements are sound for installation. Also, no chemicals should be discharged onto the roofing materials at the site. Lastly, the roof installation site must carry a Zone 3 factory classification.

Simple Precautions

Taking the precautions listed above can ensure the warranty on your EPDM roof is valid and the materials are installed correctly. Obtaining the 50-year warranty is worth taking the extra safety measures.